Travel Agency
The start of a special journey! Specializing in special regions (Africa, India, Middle East, Central and South America, Europe) Experience an entirely new world from a different angle!
2nd Floor (09:00~19:00)
Clothes & Makeup
The Codi makes and rents all kinds of party dresses.

We have a various range of clothes such as dresses and other costumes for first birthday party, dresses for family and couples, fusion-style hanbok, performance costumes, and all kinds of party dresses. We'll do our best to make your party memorable.

For hair & makeup, Hairhwa will make your style chic. (hair styling for wedding, first birthday party, and family gathering) The Codi is holding an event for all foreign tourists staying in Olympic Parktel where commemorative photographs are taken in hanbok.
1st Basement Level (11:00~17:00, reservation required for makeup consultation)
Beauty Salon
We create chic, classy hairstyles that suit our customers' personalities.
1st Basement Level (07:00~19:30)